Choosing a timber frame for your construction project: not just a question of price!

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In Quebec, wood has certainly carved out an important foothold in the construction of houses and residential buildings. Timber is an abundant material in the province and is mainly prized for its affordability.

However, beyond its reasonable cost, timber also has a number of advantages that make it an attractive material for a building frame. Here are a few of them.

Timber building frames offer fast construction

Compared to concrete structures, the construction of timber-frame houses and buildings is amazingly fast.

Modern technologies make it possible to manufacture timber framing products in-house. This makes prefabricated walls, roof framing and open-web joists extremely easy and quick to install. The building can be assembled in just a few days with minimal labour.

In contrast, concrete structures have to be built one block at a time or require a rest period, which can be a time-consuming process which requires the involvement of a larger workforce.

The structural lightness of timber frame buildings

Did you know that timber is up to seven times lighter than concrete? This structural lightness results in a very advantageous building material.

For one thing, a timber frame building can be constructed on any type of land, thanks to its smaller volume, which is not likely to sink into less stable or steeply sloping ground.

In addition, timber building foundations don’t need to be as solid as concrete building foundations, which saves a lot of money on certain building materials.

Lighter doesn’t mean weaker!

Although timber-frame houses are much lighter than concrete houses, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are any less strong. If the timber frame is built to National Building Code standards and no disasters occur, it will be as sturdy as concrete.

In fact, statistics show that the fire resistance of wood is very similar to other common framing materials.

Timber provides greater flexibility in design and construction

Another advantage of timber framing is the flexibility it provides in the design and construction of a building.

Timber frames are designed to accommodate the various elements of building mechanics (electrical system, plumbing system, ventilation ducts, etc.), which saves a ton of space in the different rooms of the house. Concrete structures, on the other hand, reduce the living space of the building.

This feature is highly attractive for contractors who want more freedom when planning the layout of a building.

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In addition to being cost-effective, a timber frame also offers many advantages that make it a prime material for the construction of a house or even a multi-storey building.

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