Benefits of Building Using Wood I-Joists

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All sectors are influenced by innovation, including the structural wood systems manufacturing sector. With the advent of engineered wood products, residential and commercial building construction has been able to save considerable time. I-joists are one development that has made these advantages possible.

Learn about the benefits of using this type of floor joist in your construction or renovation projects.

What is a wood I-joist?

Floor joists support flooring, furniture and people. There are different types of wood floor joist, each with unique features suited to different construction projects.

Here, we’ll concentrate on wood I-joists. They are named for their shape: made from one OSB panel flanked tops and bottom by two 2×3 or 2×4 lumber flanges, I-joists look like a capital letter I.

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Advantages of wood I-joists

It’s easy to see why wood I-joists are so popular in modern construction, once you are aware of all the benefits they offer.

1. Superior stability and strength

The structure of I-joists makes them capable of supporting a lot of weight without compromising their integrity. Their unique shape effectively distributes weight along the entire length of the joist, reducing the risk of warping, bending or sagging with time.

Wood I-joists are capable of safely supporting heavy loads including furniture, equipment and even vehicles without showing signs of structural fatigue. They can be used for residential, commercial or industrial construction projects.

I-joists made of engineered wood are resistant to the deformation caused by moisture, meaning they can be used successfully under various conditions. This ability to maintain their shape contributes to long-term building stability.

2. Greater reach

I-joists are strong and have greater span than traditional lumber. This saves builders money in two ways. First, you’ll need fewer support beams, which means spending less on building materials. Second, your structure will be lighter if you need to use fewer parts, which means building smaller foundations and again saving on costs.

3. Quick to install and versatile

I-joists are manufactured according to standard designs and can be easily integrated into your construction system, which means contractors can install them quickly and efficiently. Their uniform size also simplifies handling on site, which can also help speed up construction.

With Usihome, you have the option of having your floor joists delivered with pre-cut holes for cables and plumbing. This feature makes the construction process simpler, as you can easily integrate various elements without drilling.

I-joists are lighter than lumber and easier to handle. They are available in various dimensions, so you can count on finding what you need for a variety of projects.

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