What are the advantages of a mono-pitch roof?

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Sometimes known as a shed roof, pent roof or long-pitched roof, the mono-pitched roof has long been used in construction projects to add an addition or extend an existing building.

However, a growing number of new home models are equipped with this type of roof because of the many advantages it offers.

Here are a few of them.

A mono-pitched roof saves time and money when building a house

The mono-pitch roof has only one flat surface, making it very simple in design and easy to build. This means that your contractor can build this kind of roof much faster than many other roof styles. You can even further reduce the construction time of a mono-pitch roof by using prefabricated wood roof trusses.

Furthermore, this simple design reduces the amount of wood needed to build the roof, as well as the cost to cover it.

Mono-pitched roofs efficiently drain off rainwater and snow

As their name suggests, mono-pitch roofs have a slope with a more or less steep pitch. Yet, no matter how slight, this slope allows rainwater or snow to drain off efficiently. This is an important feature for houses built in Quebec, since large accumulations of snow can cause damage to the building structure due to the load added to the roof.

Unlike flat roofs, which sometimes require drains to prevent water build-up, a mono-pitched roof is designed so that water slowly runs off the roof or into an eavestrough. Snow can slowly slide down the slope, especially if the roof covering material is smooth.

A mono-pitched roof is energy efficient

Designing a house with a mono-pitch roof is a great way to increase the amount of natural light that can enter the house. The large wall at the front of the house can support high windows or even multiple rows of windows. Large windows can also be installed on the side walls of the building, especially near the highest wall. Large windows allow maximum light and heat to be captured.

From a similar standpoint of saving energy, a mono-pitch roof offers plenty of space for mounting solar panels because it consists of a single large flat surface instead of two or more slopes going in opposite directions.

One small piece of advice: if you are building a house and you want to benefit from maximum natural light or install solar panels, think carefully about the location of the house on the property.

Easily build a mono-pitched roof with the help of UsiHome

No wonder mono-pitched roofs are gaining in popularity. Their simple design saves time and money, while helping run water and snow off your roof. Not to mention that the energy savings they provide could be enough to convince many people to opt for them.

If you are convinced, the simplest way to build a mono-pitch roof and take advantage of all its benefits is undoubtedly to build it using prefabricated UsiHome wood roof trusses. This will save you time on the construction site and guarantee that the measurements are always accurate. Contact us for a perfect mono-pitch roof!

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