Do prefabricated open wood joists last as long as steel joists?

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Managing a construction project involves making a multitude of important decisions. Many of these decisions have to do with the choice of materials, which have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

When it comes to choosing a type of joist to support your ceilings and floors, you have two main options: wood and metal. Between the two, metal tends to have the longest service life, but it also requires the use of structural elements that can support its weight over time, while prefabricated open wood joists are lighter, faster to install and less expensive.

Steel joists are more durable than prefabricated open wood joists, but at what price?

Generally, steel joists have a longer service life than prefabricated open wood joists, but they are also more expensive, requiring specialized equipment and additional labour to install.

Steel beams are considerably heavier than their alternative, which means they cannot be installed manually in the same way as wood joists. This constraint is coupled with the already high price of the steel joist itself, which makes it a not so budget-friendly option. Wood joists therefore allow you to save on construction work.

In addition, even though the steel joist service life is longer than wood joists, wood joists still have very good durability: they can last for hundreds of years if they do not come in contact with excessive moisture.

More flexibility with prefabricated open wood joists

In addition to being less expensive, open wood joists are more adaptable to a variety of constraints. They are easier to insulate and make it easier to run the wires and ducts needed to build electrical and heating networks, which can prevent many complications.

Moreover, prefabricated open wood joists are ideal for tight deadlines, since they can be built on site and are easy to install: there is no need to place a factory order and wait for delivery, as is the case with steel joists.

Prefabricated open joists promote sustainable development

When you choose wood joists, you make an environmentally responsible choice. Since raw material is a renewable resource that can be purchased locally and construction wood has a smaller ecological footprint than concrete or steel, using wood joists contributes to sustainable development.

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