How can prefabricated wood walls simplify your construction project?

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Starting a construction project is a major challenge for many Quebecers. From design and materials to work deadlines, many questions are raised before work even begins. To simplify the construction process, part of the work can now be carried out in the factory through the prefabrication of certain elements. Such is the case with prefabricated wood panels, which can be used to quickly erect the walls of your future home.

Not familiar with the advantages of prefabrication in the workshop and not sure that prefabricated wood walls are the best solution for you? Find out how they can simplify your project.

Prefabricated wood walls: a precious time saver

Made to measure according to the design and constraints of your project, prefabricated wood walls will save you a great deal of time during the construction phase.

Numbered and delivered directly to your work site, the prefabricated wood panels only need to be installed. Their composition and the precision of the cuts make them a flexible material that greatly simplifies their installation and will save your workers time.

The considerable time saved will allow you to progress quickly in the construction of the structure and devote yourself to other aspects of your project.

Wood panels, a multi-functional material

Thanks to their diverse properties, wood panels meet several needs. First, they are very good natural sound and thermal insulators. Their energy efficiency is enhanced by an insulation solution included by the manufacturer to offer you maximum comfort.

Both waterproof and breathable, they also allow the insulation to breathe to prevent moisture and mould growth. Prefabricated panel walls therefore perform several functions on their own. This advantage will save you from having to use a multitude of different and sometimes inefficient materials.

Save money with durable walls

This multi-functional product will allow you to save on the overall construction cost of your project. Wood is abundant in Quebec, so the cost of manufacturing this product is considerably lower than most walls or insulation panels generally installed on more expensive steel structures.

In addition to being produced locally, wood is a strong and durable material. Prefabricated panels are assembled in the factory and undergo stringent quality controls to ensure their durability.

With prefabricated wood walls, there are no unpleasant surprises and you won’t have to do any renovation work for a long time to come.

UsiHome, a trusted partner for your project

You can count on the services of a specialized company to ensure this quality and simplify your construction project. We can advise you and support you through the completion of your project. UsiHome is committed to offering you a personalized and professional service for the design of your prefabricated wood panel walls.

Contact us to request a quote and learn about our other products and services in the production of machined wood structures.

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