Is installing a machined roof truss challenging?

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When a building is being constructed, the structural assembly is often the most impressive step. In this regard, machined roof trusses are an essential element today. As the final pieces of a building’s structure, they have benefited from the latest industrial technological advances.

But are machined wooden roof trusses easy to install?

Machined roof trusses: precision that makes installation easier

In the past, roof trusses were manufactured and assembled by hand under sometimes unfavourable conditions. The wooden parts could then deform and not integrate perfectly into the project. This could cause irregularities in the roof and weaken the structure. This made installation all the more difficult since the parts often had to be readjusted on site. Assembly was a real headache for carpenters.

Optimal working conditions and efficient tools

Machined roof trusses have helped eliminate this problem with some of their features. First of all, factory production under excellent conditions gives a very accurate rendering and perfectly matches the measurements provided by the client. In a factory, the sophisticated equipment available to workers allows them to manufacture structures with complex geometry while maintaining unrivalled precision.

The modern tools used in factories also accelerate production rates to meet the tightest deadlines. Thanks to the standardization of production methods and increasingly efficient tools, roof trusses produced in factories can be adapted to all types of structures. This reliability and versatility have made it the most popular product in structural construction.

Quick installation no matter the construction project

Machined wooden roof trusses also have the advantage of being both easy and quick to install. Due to their uniformity and the precision of their measurements, the installation conditions are consistent and allow for chain installation. First, the location of the trusses on the roof edges must be marked according to the construction plan. After mounting them on the previous structure, the workers only have to space them out according to the marks. They will fit perfectly with the roof edges, requiring only standardized elements to be used to secure them. No need to readjust or re-cut the parts! The manpower required for the operation is therefore also reduced.

Usihome: for easy to install machined roof trusses

In short, roof trusses may seem complex to install, but in reality they are very simple when prefabricated in a factory.

At UsiHome, we take pride in this very type of product. Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery and rigorous quality control, we are committed to providing you with the best structural products. Do you still have questions or concerns about the installation of your roof trusses? Contact us!

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