Are machined wood roof trusses suitable for farm buildings?

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Farm buildings can be designed for livestock, storing machinery and crops and much more. Regardless of their purpose, they all have one thing in common: large dimensions due to a great need for space. Building barns, stables, pigsties, poultry houses and other farm structures has long been a major challenge for contractors.

Just like residential construction, farm building construction techniques have been refined over the years. Prefabricated structural elements can now be used to reduce lead time and the need for labour.

Here is why using machined wood roof trusses is ideal for the construction of farm buildings.

Barn roof trusses: build a farm structure more quickly and easily

Barn roofs typically consist of symmetrical two-sided roofs with two slopes on each side. The slope closest to the top has a slight incline and the next is very steep. The top of a barn roof (also sometimes called a “gambrel” roof) is normally built at a 30-degree angle, with a second slope at 60 degrees, but it can be customized to the farmer’s needs.

Using barn roof trusses can simplify the construction of this type of roof. They are custom made for their dimensions and angles to be adapted to each farm building project and can reach a large span of more than 50 feet.

Entirely manufactured in a weatherproof environment using modern tools, these machined roof trusses can be delivered directly to the construction site when needed and are easily installed with a crane. The building envelope can be closed more quickly and the rest of the project is less likely to be affected by weather conditions.

Design that offers more space

Roofs built with barn roof trusses offer more storage space than traditional pitched roofs. Their shape offers more vertical space and the lower part of the roof acts as a wall, which maximizes storage capacity.

Some barn roof truss models have even been adapted to convert an attic into a living space, which avoids having to deal with frames.

UsiHome: your partner in farm construction

In conclusion, if you have a farm building construction project, you should at least consider the option of using machined wood roof trusses to easily build a solid roof that offers maximum space.

At UsiHome, we offer a professional and personalized service for the manufacturing of roof trusses and other machined wood structures. Contact us for your next farm building construction project!

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