At UsiHome, over many years in the prefabricated wood structure manufacturing sector, we have developed a unique work method that enables us to guarantee that our customers receive products and services with unmatched quality, precision and durability.
This 6-step process is the key to our success. At each stage of the process, dedicated and knowledgeable people take a hands-on approach to making your construction project a success.

Our 6-step process


Plan review

As soon as we receive your construction project plans, we can start reviewing them. If our experts notice any problems or feel that improvements can be made, you can count on their reliable advice to simplify the work to be carried out.



Once we have the final version of the plan, we estimate the costs. This takes into account the cost of labor, materials and the delivery of the wood structures. Once you approve this quote, the next step can move forward.



At this stage, our technical design team is put to work. Each of the prefabricated structures required for your project is designed using software that provides pinpoint accuracy for the dimensions. Each final design is then reviewed by our engineering specialists.



The next stage involves cutting and assembling components in our facilities equipped with state-of-the-art tools and machinery. Once your roof trusses or any other components in your order are inspected and approved, they can be prepared for shipment.



With your cooperation, we then plan the delivery logistics. Our goal is to deliver your products to your preferred location, at the time that best suits you. This way, you know exactly when you will receive your wood structures.


After-sales service

Since our priority is providing products and services that satisfy our customers, we established a technical support system to assist contractors. You can communicate with one of our team members who will provide support if you have difficulties with installation or any problems with your order.

For more information about our work methods

If you have any questions about our process or how we handle our customers’ demands, don’t hesitate to contact one of our representatives.
Rest assured that when you do business with UsiHome to meet your prefabricated wood structure needs, our structural experts will support you throughout a proven process and ensure that the highest quality materials are used.