The advantages of gambrel roof trusses

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Flat roof, shed roof, gable roof… With so many options, it can be difficult to decide which type of roof to choose for your construction project.

In this article, our prefabricated structure specialists present the advantages of the gambrel roof, which is often built using roof trusses.

What is a gambrel roof?

A gambrel roof is a roof with two sides that are usually symmetrical. Each side has two different slopes—the upper slope is gentle, while the lower slope is steeper.

The design is based on the mansard roof, a style that comes from Europe.

The difference between gambrel and mansard roofs

Both gambrel and mansard roofs have two different slopes. The main difference between the two is that the mansard roof has four sides, while the gambrel roof has only two. They have the same advantages, although their final appearance is slightly different.

What are gambrel roof trusses?

A gambrel roof truss is a structural wood product that acts as a roof support. Like the roof of the same name, it has two different slopes on either side. This type of roof truss is often used to build roofs for farm buildings, sheds and houses. It is sometimes called a mansard truss, because it can also be used to build mansard roofs.

Like many other types of roof trusses, gambrel roof trusses use the geometric strength of triangles to distribute the weight of the roof onto the walls of the building, which often eliminates the need for interior supports. The angles are typically adjusted to the width and height of the building for maximum strength and durability.

What are the advantages of gambrel roof trusses?

Gambrel roof trusses have many advantages that make them ideal for various types of construction projects.

An affordable option

Because of their simple design and limited number of supports, gambrel roofs are often an affordable option.

Most contractors can build gambrel roofs relatively easily using prefabricated roof trusses, keeping labor costs low.

The structure also requires fewer materials, keeping overall costs low.

More space

Since the lower slope of the roof is almost vertical, it gives the upper part of the building more usable space than traditional gable roofs.

Using gambrel roof trusses when building a house creates the possibility of additional living space (a garret) on the upper floor. For garages and sheds, gambrel roof trusses provide more storage space.

Possibility of adding windows

Many builders will suggest adding windows to their customers’ gambrel roofs. It’s an easy way to add natural light to the space.

Adding windows can increase the value of a home, because it enhances the design’s aesthetic.

The roof slopes can be customized

The roof slopes can be customized with a few simple modifications to the dimensions of the roof trusses used to construct the gambrel roof.

In areas that see frequent snowfall, for example, it could be advantageous for the upper part of the roof to have a steeper slope.

UsiHome, a leader in fabricating gambrel roof trusses

In addition to giving buildings a unique rustic style, gambrel roof trusses are inexpensive and customizable. They provide a lot of space and can have windows added.

If you want to learn more about gambrel roof trusses or find out whether you can use them in your next construction project, contact the UsiHome team.

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