Wood carpenter job description

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Canada’s largest group of skilled workers are carpenters. They work with various materials, from wood to metal, and create buildings or structures that can last for years.

Here we present in detail the job of a wood carpenter: required training, duties and skills needed for this job.

What does a carpenter do?

A carpenter’s work is difficult and demanding. It requires a good eye for drawing and good physical strength to do it well.

The carpenter creates traditional wooden structures such as roof trusses, staircases, and wooden floors, and also restores old structures and builds prefabricated walls.

Canada has a high demand for craftsmen, so young people are encouraged to embark on a carpentry career. After just one or two years of work experience, a person may become independent and start their own business!

Training for becoming a carpenter

One of the best ways to become a carpenter in Canada, especially in Quebec, is by apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship is a great way to learn new skills by working directly on construction projects since apprentices are also expected to take in-classroom training. One of the significant advantages of such training is that it provides a fixed salary while learning many valuable skills.

High school apprenticeship programs in Canada are a great start to your future career as an expert carpenter. Apprentices can learn all aspects of carpentry, from project management to hands-on tool use!

Carpenter certification

You need a certificate to work in Quebec. For most other provinces, it’s optional, but everyone is encouraged to get one. It helps to show employers your qualifications and skills.

To qualify as a carpenter, you must complete a four-year apprenticeship. You will receive a Journeyman’s Certificate as proof of successful completion of work-based training and technical exams your program requires.

You can take the Interprovincial Standards Examination to obtain your Red Seal with this certificate. On successful completion of this exam, you will be able to work as a carpenter anywhere in Canada.

Most important skills for a wood carpenter

Being a wood carpenter requires a lot of knowledge, both in the material used and mastering different equipment. Here is a list of skills needed for becoming a wood carpenter:

Carpenters need to work at height and have a good sense of space. They must have initiative and team spirit to quickly and efficiently answer questions asked by customers. This job requires strong math skills and adaptability.

Mastering computers and CNC machines are becoming a core skill in today’s world. It takes focus and responsiveness to meet new challenges as technology develops.

Carpenter salary

A carpenter’s salary will depend on many factors, including contract, company, location and economic conditions. Overtime is generally not included in contracts.

The average salary for carpenters in Canada is $47,409. The wage of carpenters has increased over the past several years, thanks to the labour shortages impacting the construction industry.

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