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When it comes to erecting a new building, many elements must be taken into consideration to ensure that the best materials are chosen for its construction. In Canada, approximately 95% of residential roofs contain prefabricated wood framing products, making wood one of the most sought-after materials used in the construction of new buildings.

Here are some of the main advantages of wood construction in Quebec.

Wood: an eco-friendly material produced right here in Quebec

For starters, unlike steel or concrete, wood is the only building material made from a renewable resource. Indeed, Quebec wood comes from our forests. They regenerate naturally and are among the best managed in the world. Moreover, wood products are much more energy efficient than other materials. Using it instead of other building materials reduces greenhouse gas emissions generated by industrial processes. Wood can also be recycled, which further contributes to the principles of sustainable development. Choosing wood is therefore an eco-friendly and highly beneficial choice for the local economy.

Custom design possibilities

Wood offers a wide range of custom design options, which are difficult to achieve with other building materials. Indeed, wooden constructions are flexible and modular, allowing them to be adjusted to the dimensions of a building and even adapted to the architectural style of a building.

Energy efficiency and acoustic comfort of wood

Wooden structures provide optimal energy efficiency. Wood has much better insulating properties than steel and concrete. More precisely, wood would be 12 times more insulating than concrete and 350 times more insulating than steel. In addition, wood is highly effective in reducing sound transmission due to its cellular structure which contains a large amount of air.

Quebec wood: a cost-effective choice

The costs associated with the construction of wooden structures are significantly lower than those associated with steel structures, mainly due to the abundance of wood in Quebec. In addition, wood product manufacturing processes are fast and efficient, especially in factories. Moreover, since wood is a much lighter material than steel or concrete, there is inevitably a reduction in expenses associated with labour, transportation and the necessary equipment.

Discover all the advantages of wood construction with UsiHome

In conclusion, Quebec wood constructions have many advantages. They have a number of energy properties, can be produced quickly and efficiently, and leave a much smaller environmental footprint than steel or concrete constructions, all at a lower cost!

The UsiHome team specializes in the production of wood frame products for the construction sector and remains at your disposal to answer any technical questions you may have and assist you in the completion of your construction projects. Contact us today!

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