UsiHome’s Prefabricated Wooden Roof Truss Manufacturing Process

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Prefabricated roof trusses have become a must for many contractors and homeowners in Quebec. Designed and built in a factory, these structural wood systems are both solid and durable. And they have other advantages too.

Pre-engineered wood roof trusses are quick to produce and install, which means they offer greater flexibility in construction projects, both in terms of manufacturing costs and installation lead times.

Find out more about the main steps involved in manufacturing prefabricated wood roof trusses.

Manufacturing step one: calculate the dimensions of the required parts

Whether you want to build your own wood roof trusses or hire a wood truss manufacturer, the first step is to get the measurements right. The Régie du Bâtiment du Québec enforces standard dimensions according to the structure of the building under construction.

In Usihome factories, thanks to high-tech software, it only takes a few seconds to generate all the information needed (based on data supplied by our customers) to manufacture wood roof trusses that are the perfect dimensions.

Our technology generates the exact dimensions required for the chords, as well as the size, location and type of connection plates to be used. With precise measurements, we can assemble wood roof trusses of impeccable quality, quickly and efficiently.

Manufacturing step two: cutting the frames

Once all the measurements have been made, we create a template to ensure that all structural components of the truss will be manufactured to exactly the same dimensions. A circular saw cuts the wooden frames. Since each part must be made from a particular type of wood, cutting is a key moment in manufacturing wood roof trusses. Our system is computerized to minimize the potential for human error. The result? Structural wood components that are cut perfectly and ready for assembly, all in a very short time.

Manufacturing step three: assembling the roof trusses

When the parts are ready, it is time for assembly. The wood components are placed on the roof truss table which contains movable pins so that any type of roof truss can be assembled quickly and efficiently on short notice. The frames are attached to one another with metal plates that are first hammered in place, then flattened using a hydraulic press and a roller.

Once the frames are assembled, workers verify the dimensions of the truss, the spaces between the joints and the condition of the frames. They also verify that the plates are attached securely. Finally, the wood roof trusses are grouped together and stored until they are shipped to your construction site for fast and easy installation.

Trust Usihome for prefabricated wood trusses and structural components

At UsiHome, we specialize in manufacturing prefabricated wood structures and machined wood components in Quebec. We have the experience and training to meet the most demanding requirements. Thanks to our state of the art technology, we can guarantee fast, high-precision production, saving you precious time on your project.

In addition to manufacturing wood roof trusses, our teams can support you throughout your construction project by supplying prefabricated wood wall panels and high-quality wood floor truss systems. Contact a representative to discuss your construction project today.

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