What are the main steps in the production of machined wood roof trusses?

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In Quebec, the use of machined wood roof trusses has become a must for many contractors and homeowners. Their factory design provides strong and durable wood products that are well suited to the province’s climate. However, this is not the only benefit offered by prefabricated roof trusses, they can also be produced or installed quickly, which gives great flexibility to construction projects, both in terms of manufacturing costs and the time required to install them.

Discover the main steps involved in designing a machined wood roof truss.

Calculating the dimensions of the parts, the first step in manufacturing wood roof trusses

Before designing roof trusses, the dimensions that will be applied to them must be obtained based on the building they are intended for. Based on data provided by the customer, computer software in the factory can provide all the information needed to manufacture roof trusses in a matter of seconds.

This provides the precise dimensions that the frames must have, as well as the size, placement and type of connection plates that must be used during assembly in order to obtain a structural wood product of impeccable quality.

Cutting the frames, the second major step in wood roof truss manufacturing

Once all measurements have been made, a template is designed to ensure that the required pieces of wood have the same dimensions. The wooden frames are then cut with a circular saw. Each part requires a particular type of wood, so cutting is a crucial part of the manufacturing process. A computerized system minimizes the margin of human error. This results in wooden parts that are perfectly cut and ready for assembly, in a very short time.

Assembling the roof truss parts, the final stage of manufacturing

When the parts are ready, it is time for assembly. They are then placed in the template. The frames are then assembled using metal plates, also called connectors, which transmit shear, compressive and tensile forces to them. This is done by placing two plates of the same type face to face on each side of the frames to be assembled, then driving them into the wood using hydraulic presses, rollers or tools in the case of manual intervention.

Once the frames are assembled, the workers check the dimensions of the truss, the spaces between the joints, the size of the plates and the size and nature of the frames. They then make sure that the teeth of the metal plates are well inserted. After this, the roof trusses are attached together and stored until they are shipped to the construction site where they can be easily installed.

The wood roof trusses are ready for delivery!

The calculation of measurements, the cutting of the frames and their assembly are the main steps in manufacturing a machined roof truss. Contemporary techniques ensure a very fast production rate and a large number of roof trusses can be manufactured by the same factory in a very short time.

At UsiHome, we specialize in the production of machined wood structures. Our experience and training enable us to meet the most demanding requirements. If you have any further questions about manufacturing machined wood roof trusses, contact UsiHome and we will be happy to share our knowledge.

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