Find out what makes our company what it is today!

A brief introduction to our company

At UsiHome, we specialize in the manufacturing of prefabricated wood structures. Our product range consists of floors, walls, roof trusses and joists. All assembled in our factory.
These structures feature a lighter design and provide you with the benefits of steel or concrete structures while leaving a much smaller ecological footprint. They will save you time and money by offering straightforward assembly that meets your specifications, all with the highest attention to quality.

When you use our products, you will discover many benefits:


Respect for the


Fast and easy on-site


product quality

A forward-looking company with a rich history

UsiHome is a reputable company under the leadership of Groupe Anctil and Groupe Côté, which have been operating in the construction industry since 1935 and 1947. These families are recognized in the business community as a model for family-owned business.
The company now has more than 100 employees to serve not only Quebec, but also the US market, whose demand for prefabricated structures is growing rapidly.

The values we hold dear

The values held by a company are often at the very heart of its success. At UsiHome, we are proud to carry on tradition and impart the same values held when our company was founded.

  • Innovation
  • Team pride
  • A spirit of partnership with our customers
  • Integrity and transparency

A long-term vision contributing to sustainable development

Since our founding, we have always aimed to improve people’s lives and facilitate their access to solid and durable materials. However, now that climate change threatens to completely transform the planetary balance, it is imperative to ensure that our activities will not have a negative impact on future generations.
Did you know that wood is the only structural product that is considered renewable? Essentially, trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it as they grow. As such, the world’s forests help reduce the concentration of this greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Moreover, when comparing the greenhouse gas emissions produced during the transformation of wood versus the transformation of steel or concrete, wood compares favourably with the other 2 products. And on top of all this, lumber is produced from trees that are harvested in the forests of Quebec.

Our commitment to our customers

No matter your industry or the nature of your construction project, rest assured that we are committed to exceeding expectations in offering you quality products and, above all, an exceptional service.
We never compromise on rapidly delivering prefabricated structures manufactured with high precision that surpass your expectations and industry requirements. In fact, we continue to innovate and invest in the development of structural wood products with technical specifications that exceed every standard.
These are the reasons why we are considered a valued partner!