Floor Trusses

Prefabricated floor trusses are structural wood products that make wood floor construction easier and reduce labour costs. Our engineered wood floor truss systems can be perfectly integrated into residential, multi-residential, commercial and agricultural projects, and their design can be adjusted according to your plans and specifications.

Tell us what you need and we can design custom wood floor systems at a price that won’t break your budget.

Our wood floor truss systems easily adapt to your construction projects

At UsiHome, our specialists in prefabricated wood construction are proud to offer you quality floor truss systems and components that meet the standards outlined in your local National Building Code (TPI = USA / TPIC = Canada). Prefabricated in our facility in Magog, Quebec, our joists, beams and trusses will be delivered to your job site as soon as you need them. 


Our goal is to help you create strong wood floors that are lightweight and cost-effective. For building efficiency, we offer prefabricated I-joists and open-web joists, two primary wooden structural components for wood floor systems.


Our custom I-joist floor systems guarantee unparalleled flexibility in floor construction. The distinctive I-shape, with its two horizontal flanges and a vertical central web, offers high resistance to bending and compression.

Each component can be adjusted according to your needs and to meet the architectural criteria of the building.

i joists
Open Web Trusses

Open Web Trusses

The unique design of open web floor trusses makes them ideal for integrating piping or electrical wires. 

Despite being lightweight, wooden open web trusses are strong and durable.

Prefabricated Wood Floor Panels

If you want to speed up the on-site installation of floor systems, try using our prefabricated wood floor panels.

Usually assembled in 12′ wide sections, these floor panels are delivered in the form of crates and offer the advantage of quick on-site assembly and no sub-floor installation. This method also makes it easy to manage on-site construction materials and waste. 

Prefabricated Wood Floor Panels

Why choose UsiHome wood floor truss systems and components?

Meeting the highest quality standards, our floor trusses, joists and beams also offer other indispensable advantages for your construction project.

Choose between I-joists and open-web trusses

Unlike I-joists, open web trusses have perforated flanges with evenly spaced holes to reduce weight, which can make them easier to handle and install, while minimizing transportation costs. Open web trusses are generally designed to carry similar loads to I-joists, but using fewer materials.

Whether you use I-joists or open web trusses depends on the specific needs of your construction project. Contact us to figure out which would be the best option for your project!

Multiple possible configurations

Our floor trusses can be built in variable heights and manufactured using 2×3 or 2×4 boards. To help you plan efficient and effective construction, our engineering design team will consult your building plans and help you determine the best configuration for your project.

Quick and effortless installation

With state-of-the-art tools and rigorous quality assurance inspection, we construct extremely accurate wood trusses, joists and beams. 

We make sure our wood floor components are always the perfect size so you don’t have to make any adjustments on site. Simply follow the detailed installation plan that comes with your order.

Easily add mechanical building elements

We also manufacture adapted floor trusses, making it possible to integrate the complex networks of a residential or commercial building more easily within the construction. 

Designed with tunnels and openings in strategic locations to accommodate plumbing, ventilation and electrical wiring, our wooden floor truss systems make installing mechanical components easy.

Umatched performance

Our wooden floor systems are extremely solid, which minimizes the inconvenience caused by overly flexible floor joists. Say goodbye to vibrations, cracking and deflection. 

UsiHome: your floor truss manufacturer in Quebec!

In addition to open web trusses and pre-assembled floor systems, we also build other prefabricated custom wood framing products.

Choose our wood roof trusses and prefabricated wood walls for your construction project so that you can quickly enclose your building envelope and finish construction with no threat from the weather.

If you have any questions about the manufacturing, availability or price of our wood floor truss systems or floor joists, contact our representative today!

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