Prefabricated floor joists and beams are structural wood products that make floor construction much easier and reduce labour costs. Our joists can be perfectly integrated into residential, multi-residential, commercial and agricultural projects with a design that matches your plans and specifications.

At UsiHome, we are proud to offer solid joists that conform to the National Building Code (TPI = USA TPIC = CANADA), pre-manufactured in our facilities located in Quebec and delivered to your worksite when you need them.

Simply share your needs with us and we can design custom open-web floor joists or beams at a price that won’t break your budget.

Our floor joists easily adapt to your construction projects

Our custom-designed I-beam systems offer you unparalleled flexibility in floor construction. Each of their components can be adjusted according to your needs while meeting the building’s architectural requirements.

Many configurations available

Our open-web floor joists are available in various heights and can be manufactured using 2×3 or 2×4. Our technical design team will calculate the configuration best suited to your project based on your plans.

Precise dimensions for quick and effortless installation

Thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities and rigorous quality control inspections, our joists are always perfectly sized so that no adjustments need to be made on the job site. All you have to do is follow the detailed installation plan delivered with your joists.

Open-web joists that make it easy to add mechanical building components

Our joists are designed with tunnels and openings in strategic locations to accommodate plumbing, ventilation ducts and electrical wiring. They greatly simplify the installation of your building’s mechanical components.

Performance that meets your expectations

Our floor joists are incredibly strong, which minimizes the inconveniences caused by overly flexible joists. Say goodbye to vibrations, cracking and deflection of your floors.

Our pre-assembled floor panels: an even more practical solution

If you want to speed up the installation of your joists on the job site even more, you will certainly value our pre-assembled floor panels.

Typically installed in 12-foot wide sections, these floors are delivered in the form of boxes that can be installed very quickly on the job site and save you the trouble of installing the subfloor. This option also streamlines the management of materials and waste.

UsiHome: your partner for prefabricated structural wood elements

In addition to pre-assembled open-web floor joists and pre-assembled floors, we can also provide you with other custom-made wood framing products.
When you also choose our roof trusses and prefabricated wood walls for your construction project, you can rapidly close your building’s envelope, regardless of the weather.
If you have any questions regarding the manufacturing, availability or price of our open web joist systems or pre-assembled floors, please contact our representative!

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