What to consider when choosing wood framing for your house

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Whether you want to build your roof from scratch or simply renovate it, you need to know what things to consider when choosing which structural frame to go for.

There are many different types of timber and wood framing available to ensure that your roof is securely fixed to your house, sufficiently insulated and adequately sound proofed. But which wood framing structure is best for your home?

In this article, UsiHome’s structural experts will give you a list of key criteria to consider in order to find the best wood frame for your roof.

What is a wood framing for a house?

Framing is an assembly of different materials used to hold your home’s roof in position. This frame is usually made from wood, although sometimes may consist of metal, or even concrete.

Once built, this assembly is placed on top of your home’s structure and is used to support the roof, giving it its intended shape. It’s important to choose your frame carefully so you don’t end up putting yourself or your family members at risk.

In fact, your roof’s frame must be able to support heavy loads for long time periods (i.e. decades). This frame is also a big contributor to the appearance of your house! Read on to discover the key criteria to look out for when choosing your wood framing!

Things to consider when choosing your roof frame

There are many factors to consider when choosing a structural frame for your roof. The most important is its strength, which determines how much weight it can support without collapsing or cracking.

There are some additional factors to think about as well. Here are some of the most important:

Strength and durability

Your roof’s frame must be able to support heavy permanent loads associated with the construction of your home. It must also be able to easily hold the wooden house structure below it as this is where you will be living on a daily basis.

Weather resistance

In Quebec, houses and buildings must be built with certain precautions to resist the often-extreme weather conditions. Therefore, the entire roof must be able to withstand external pressures. Different house framing materials can be used to ensure this. For more information, contact an expert in house framing construction!

Fire resistance

Since accidents happen so easily, in the event of a fire, it is preferable that the frame is able to resist the flames for as long as possible in order to preserve the house’s basic structure when it comes time to rebuild it following the incident.

Hazard resistance

Depending on the material used, the frame could fall victim to a pest infestation (termites in particular). It is also possible that over time, your frame could become targeted by fungus that could later develop into mold, which weakens your house’s structure.


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The different types of wood framing for a house

Once you know what factors to consider when choosing your roof’s structural wood framing, you need to find out about the different types of frames available.

There are generally three types of roof frames: traditional frames, truss frames and flat roof frames. Find out more about these below.

Traditional frames

A traditional roof frame is primarily composed of planks of solid wood joined together by frame rafters or spindles. This type of roofing is often preferred for converting an attic because it provides additional protection against harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow and cold temperatures, that would otherwise seep through other types of roofs.

Truss frames

A truss frame is a type of roof frame that can be used to construct all types of buildings. Truss frames were originally designed as an inexpensive way to insulate homes, but a side effect of this is that they prevent the expansion of your attic.

Flat roof framing

As mentioned above, there are three main materials that can be used to construct a roof frame: wood, metal and concrete. Flat roofs are increasingly common in big cities, as they can be built from any of these materials, although concrete is usually preferred.

UsiHome: wood structure specialist in Quebec

As you have seen, it is not so easy to choose the frame of your house, especially with all the criteria to take into account. The use of wood for framing can bring many benefits, as much for the quality of the structure as for its ecological advantages. However, you also have the option of using roof trusses in your construction project, in order to save time and opt for a more economical solution.

At UsiHome, we specialize in the design and manufacturing of wood structures. Do not hesitate to contact our team to benefit from our expertise and our incomparable service for your next construction project.

At UsiHome, we specialize in the design and manufacturing of wood structures. We welcome you to contact our team to benefit from our expertise and unbeatable service for your next construction project.

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