Why choose open web wood joists to build a floor?

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Are you experiencing difficulties figuring out how to build the floor of your future home? As complicated as it sounds, it may actually be easier than you think!

For some years now, open web floor joists have been gaining ground in the construction world, and for good reason. These structural elements offer a variety of advantages that you certainly won’t want to miss out on.

In this article, find out why you should choose open web wood joists over standard joists!

Open web joists provide easy access for mechanical building components

One very attractive advantage of  open web wood joists is that they are designed to allow the passage of electrical wires, pipes and any other mechanical element of the building.

In fact, joist systems are designed with tunnels and openings at strategic locations that greatly simplify the installation of plumbing, electrical or ventilation systems in a new home. The maintenance of all these systems is also made easier thanks to the structure of open web wood joists.

In comparison, conventional joists require much more installation time (and therefore money) and sometimes need to be altered to fit all these essentials.


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Solid, high-performance floors thanks to open web wood joists

Like other prefabricated wood framing products, open web joists also have several structural advantages. Here are a few of them.

Innovative construction techniques

Open web wood joists are designed by skilled engineers. Their design process is carefully engineered to increase floor joist efficiency while using as little wood as possible. Their innovative construction ensures that these joists are extremely sturdy and have a large nailing surface for the installation of flooring.

Less wood squeaking noises

The triangular interior structure of open web joists also makes them more durable than standard joists. As a result, the floor structure will be more resistant to long-term wear and tear, such as warping or creaking and squeaking noises.

No need for load-bearing walls to support open web joists

Standard joists are often used because their price seems attractive at first glance. However, this price doesn’t factor in the installation of beams or load-bearing walls to support them. In fact, the span of conventional floor joists often isn’t enough for the surface to be covered.

This will never be a problem with prefabricated open wood web floor joists. Since they are custom designed, joists of all sizes can be built for any type of construction project, large or small.

How much does an open web floor joist cost?

There are many types of wood floor joists available, the cost of which depends mainly on their composition.

There are 3 types of floor joist that you could use in your house:

  • Open web floor joist with metal connectors
  • Open web joist with metal core
  • Open web wood joist

For the pricing of a specific open web joist, it’s best to contact a specialist directly!

UsiHome: high-quality prefabricated wood framing products

In conclusion, prefabricated open web wood joists provide many advantages. In particular, they make it much easier to install plumbing, electrical and ventilation systems. Moreover, their innovative custom-made design offers several structural benefits that are well worth the investment.

At UsiHome, we are committed to offering our clients superior quality prefabricated wood framing products. Whether you need open web joists, prefabricated walls or machined roof trusses, our experts can help you. Contact us today for your free quote!

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