Prefabricated wood roof trusses are now a staple in many construction projects. They have radically transformed the way roofs are built, whether on residential, multi-residential, commercial, institutional or agricultural buildings.

At UsiHome, we are proud to offer you a wide range of superior quality custom-designed trusses prefabricated in our Quebec factory. Get more information and prices on our structural framing products.

Roof trusses tailored to your construction projects

UsiHome structural wood products are made from premium quality materials and our roof trusses are no exception. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and rigorous quality control, we guarantee the design of precision machined structures that meet the requirements of the National Building Code (TPI = USA TPIC = CANADA).

Every roof truss is delivered with a detailed assembly plan where and when you want it, making it easy to coordinate your on-site workforce. Not to mention that easy installation saves on labor costs.

Roof truss models available from UsiHome

In-house manufacturing allows us to quickly build intricately engineered wood structures that can be tailored to each construction project. With the help of digital design tools, we can manufacture a wide variety of roof trusses in the right dimensions for your project.


Standard roof trusses

Standard roof trusses are designed to be highly reliable and versatile, with spans of up to approximately 10 m and a simple triangular design that makes them easy to integrate.


Gambrel roof trusses

Gambrel roof trusses are used to construct buildings with a barn-like shape.


Attic roof trusses

This model can be used to create a living space in the attic. The lower chord is used as a floor joist and the supporting braces form the walls of the room.


Scissors roof trusses

Scissors roof trusses are often used to create a vaulted ceiling effect.



Cambered roof trusses

This design is best used to create a height effect. However, unlike the scissors roof truss, which also provides a height gain at ceiling level, it features a horizontal beam.


Flat roof trusses

Used in roofs and sometimes even floors, these can be manufactured with a low slope to compensate for deflection and provide good drainage.


Piggyback roof trusses

When roof trusses are too high to be manufactured and/or delivered, they can be fabricated in two parts. These trusses are assembled at the construction site and offer excellent performance.


Monopitch roof trusses

A monopitch roof truss forms a right-angled triangle and is often used for sheds, cabins, garages or the extension of an existing roof.

You can count on UsiHome when it comes to structural wood components

In addition to these models of roof trusses, UsiHome also offers a manufacturing service for custom wood framing products such as prefabricated walls in panels and floor joists. We can also manufacture these structural elements for you to limit the number of people involved in your project.

If you have any questions about the manufacturing, availability or price of our roof trusses, please contact our representative!

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