The Benefits of Scissor Trusses

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Scissor trusses are usually used in building construction to support a pitched roof with a sloped or raised ceiling surface.

The bottom chords of scissor trusses cross over each other, connecting to the bent top chords at an intermediate point along their length, which makes them appear similar to a pair of open scissors.

In addition to creating rooms with spectacular ceilings, the unique design of scissor trusses also offers some very interesting benefits that make it a choice worth considering for your next project.

Discover the benefits of scissor trusses in this article!

Scissor trusses are inexpensive and easy to install

The main advantages of scissor trusses are their low cost and ease of installation. Some projects with a vaulted or cathedral ceiling require the use of accessories such as framing brackets to ensure that the truss aligns perfectly with the surfaces of the ceiling.

Many roofing contractors combine conventional prefabricated roof trusses and floor joists to better cover the roof’s surface. However, having different structural wood products makes the structure expensive to install. That’s why scissor trusses are used—they’re easy to install, and they combine the stability of a conventional roof truss with a flexible frame.

Furthermore, unlike other types of trusses, scissor trusses don’t require additional support elements or specialized installation techniques, particularly when they’re made to measure. Therefore, their use often results in considerable savings.

Scissor trusses are easy to maintain

Although they may require minor repairs after a few years, scissor trusses have remarkable advantages when it comes to maintenance. While deterioration due to moisture is the main enemy of most prefabricated wood structures, scissor trusses have a sloped structure that prevents water from accumulating. This prevents mold growth on the roof as well as other types of damage.

Scissor trusses tend to have a simple layout with clearly-marked joints along high stress areas, making them easier to repair than other types of designs. Furthermore, routine maintenance tends to be easier for scissor trusses because they have fewer structural components.

Scissor trusses can be customized to suit your project

Another advantage of scissor trusses is that when they are designed in the factory, they can be customized to create a roof configuration that perfectly matches the plans and specifications of the project.

By precisely altering the slope and dimensions, your wood structure manufacturer will be able to create scissor trusses that give the roof the desired style and can be installed without any modifications in the field.

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In addition to providing a way to create buildings with spectacular ceilings, scissor trusses are inexpensive to install, easy to maintain and can be designed specifically to meet your exact plans and specifications.

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