Why are houses frequently built with wood in Quebec?

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Of all materials, wood is undoubtedly the most common component in house construction in Quebec. Not only can it withstand the Quebec’s harsh winter weather, it is also a great natural insulator.

Wood’s advantages as a construction material do not stop there; keep reading to find out why wood is so widely used in Quebec.

Wood is a building material that resists the Quebec winter

One of the main reasons why wood is used for home construction in Quebec is its ability to withstand severe weather conditions.

It resists pressure caused by wind and snowfall and can easily adapt to high humidity levels. Wood also offers impressive durability, resistant to extreme cold and heat waves.

Wood houses are easy to build and renovate

Wood is a lightweight, flexible and easily adaptable material that only requires basic tools to use. These features make it the perfect resource for building and renovating a home quickly.

Since construction work is limited in winter, Quebec homes have to be built in a short period of time. Wood is an asset in this context, whether to build a new home or refurbish it.

Wood is an excellent natural insulator, perfect for Quebec’s climate

As far as comfort is concerned, wood has some undeniable qualities. It is a very good natural insulator, which is ideal for adding extra thermal insulation. You can be comfortable in a wood house in both summer and winter without spending a fortune on heating and cooling.

<H2> Wood houses are as economical as they are ecological

Choosing a wood structure not only saves money, but also reduces the production of non-recyclable waste during the work. The environmental footprint of a wood construction is less significant than the footprint left by other non-recyclable materials, such as concrete or steel. Moreover, timber is an easily renewable resource that is produced with less pollution than many materials.

Many Quebecers also choose wood for its relatively low cost. Construction projects made from this material are generally less expensive than those made with other raw materials, making it an ideal component for your home.

Planning on building or renovating a wood house in Quebec? Think of UsiHome

For its durability, flexibility, insulating properties, low cost and reduced environmental impact, wood is the preferred material for building a home in Quebec. That’s why UsiHome offers you a complete range of structural wood products.

Whatever your construction project, you can rely on our expertise. If you want to request a quote or have any questions about the construction of wood structures, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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