What Are the Advantages of Wood Construction?

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Wood is undoubtedly the most common material used for house construction in Quebec. Not only can it withstand Quebec’s harsh winters, but it is also a great natural insulator.

The advantages of timber frames for your construction project don’t stop there! In this article, our UsiHome experts explain why wood is such a popular material for construction projects throughout Quebec.

1. Resistant to winter weather

One of the main reasons why wood is widely used for home construction projects across Quebec is its ability to withstand severe weather conditions.

The mechanical properties of wood should not be underestimated. Wood is highly resistant to pressure caused by wind and snowfall and can easily adapt to very humid conditions. Wood is also extremely durable, being highly resistant to both hot and cold temperatures.

In addition, when you build your own wood home, you’ll be contributing to the development of the local economy. In Quebec, the wood industry and wood structure supports more than 30,000 people in 135 municipalities.

2. Lots of designs to choose from

Wooden houses are versatile and efficient. There is so much choice in terms of how you want your wooden house to look.

The four main techniques used to build a wooden house are:

  • Load-bearing panels
  • Stacked solid wood
  • Post and beam
  • Half-timbering

These methods can be used for any sort of building, depending on your preferences in terms of design and appearance.

We recommend that you hire a professional builder to complete your house construction project as they’ll be equipped with all the necessary skills and equipment to efficiently construct your home.

3. Wooden houses are easy to build and renovate

Wood is a light, flexible material that can be adapted easily for different projects. Wood construction itself doesn’t involve many tools, which is ideal for carrying out frequent renovations on a house or quickly converting an attic.

Since construction work is limited in winter, Quebec homes often need to be built in a short period of time. Wood is a great option when there are time pressures, since wooden houses can be built and renovated quickly.

4. Fire-resistant material

Another significant advantage of building your home out of wood in Quebec is wood’s fire-resistance properties. Contrary to popular belief, wooden buildings are just as safe as steel or concrete buildings in the event of a fire. They meet the strictest requirements in terms of fire resistance.

For acceptance in Canada, wooden buildings have to pass a set of fire resistance criteria and obtain a fire resistance rating proving that they would be able to contain a fire in one room. Containing a fire prevents the spread of smoke and flames, allowing occupants to safely evacuate a building while waiting for the arrival of the emergency services.

5. Wood is a great natural insulator

Wood is a very good natural insulator. It can even be used within your home as an additional thermal insulator. Throughout both the summer and winter, you can feel comfortable in a wooden house, without spending a fortune on heating or air conditioning.

6. Wooden houses are economic and ecological

Many Quebecers choose to build their homes with wood because of its relatively low cost. Construction projects made from this material are generally cheaper than those made with other raw materials, making wood an attractive choice.

We recommend that you hire a prefabricated structure manufacturer to carry out your construction project as their experience and expertise would save you even more money. They would properly design and build your home, which would in turn bring many more benefits.

For a construction project, opting for timber frame components not only saves money, but also reduces the amount of non-recyclable waste produced during the construction process. The environmental footprint of wood construction is smaller than that of other non-recyclable materials, such as concrete or steel. In addition, lumber is an easily renewable resource whose production is less polluting than many other materials.

7. Versatile building material

Wooden buildings are highly efficient, making it possible to design tall wood buildings. In fact, its natural strength, low cost and reduced construction time make it a major ally in the construction of large buildings.

Whatever the size of your project, choosing wood as your main building material will be a choice you won’t regret.

Planning on building or renovating a wooden house in Quebec? Think of UsiHome

For its durability, flexibility, insulating properties, low cost and reduced ecological impact, wood is the material of choice for home construction in Quebec. That’s why UsiHome offers a  complete range of prefabricated structures, including roof trusses, prefabricated walls and floor joists.

Whatever your construction project, you can rely on our expertise! If you want to request a quote or asl any questions about the construction of wood structures, please contact our team.

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