How do you choose an engineered timber framing supplier?

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As a contractor, you have probably worked with a disappointing supplier that created problems for you. You probably want to avoid making the same mistake and find partners who respect their commitments!

If you want to choose a manufacturer of prefabricated timber framing components that values its customers, consider the following points in your search.

Find a timber framing supplier that builds the structures you need

An engineered timber framing supplier should be able to offer you a variety of products. This helps you avoid having to deal with several different companies and prevents as many problems as possible in terms of delivery, scheduling or manufacturing.

A manufacturer at the cutting edge of technology

In 2020, contractors need to do business with companies that look to the future. This means choosing timber frame manufacturers that use advanced technologies in the design and manufacturing process of their products.

Today’s design software can do extraordinary things. It provides very high dimensional accuracy to create perfect timber framing. When you choose a supplier with these tools, you can rest assured that this part of your construction project is in good hands.

Find out about the supplier’s industry reputation

Before bringing a new supplier into your next construction project, find out about their reputation in the industry. Read online reviews from clients and other contractors about their experience with the company.

Without researching a supplier in advance, you risk working with a company that is unreliable and unlikely to properly meet your demands and needs.

The importance of good customer service

A machined timber framing company should be committed to customer satisfaction and provide the best possible service. Make sure you choose a supplier that has a technical support system at your disposal and that any questions you may have will be addressed promptly. After-sales service is just as important to look for in a manufacturer.

Look for a timber frame manufacturer that offers an outstanding delivery service

When it comes to prefabricated timber framing, you need a supplier that provides impeccable delivery service. Make sure your supplier can deliver your products to the location of your choice at a time that is convenient for you. This will save you a great deal of time and frustration on your next project.

UsiHome, a reputable timber frame manufacturer

In short, choose a timber framing supplier with a credible track record that can offer you a variety of high quality products while providing excellent customer service. After all, every one of your projects is important and deserves to be executed with attention to detail!

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