Is it possible to build a wood frame commercial building in Quebec?

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Wood is an abundant natural resource in Quebec. This raw material is therefore used extensively in the construction of residential buildings. However, can it also be used in the construction of different commercial buildings?

In this article, discover the various machined structural wood elements available to contractors for the construction of commercial buildings!

Prefabricated panel walls: perfect for large commercial buildings

Today’s technology and tools provide a high degree of flexibility in the factory production of prefabricated walls. This means that contractors starting a commercial building construction project practically have carte blanche when it comes to choosing the dimensions and materials used. These walls can be machined to a size of up to 12 feet (3.66 m) high by 40 feet (12.19 m) wide.

This makes it possible to build wooden walls to the exact dimensions, whether the future commercial building is large or small!

Machined wood roof trusses: ideal for unique roof construction

When designing machined wood roof trusses, engineering designers use software that can model these structures with extremely high accuracy before machining.

This makes it possible to create very elaborate architectural designs out of wood. This option can be very appealing for certain businesses that want to stand out with a distinctive architectural style, without sacrificing the stability of the structure. This makes it possible to reflect your brand image with a custom-made structure.

Furthermore, in Quebec, bad weather can cause headaches for contractors when a commercial building is under construction. This is because weather conditions are liable to delay a construction project. For this reason, many contractors prefer to opt for machined wood frames. This guarantees quicker construction and less labour-intensive installation.  In short, using machined roof trusses can reduce construction costs.

Choose open web wood joists to simplify the construction process

The construction of a commercial building can become quite complicated depending on the needs of the company that intends to occupy it. Depending on the building’s purpose, electrical, plumbing and ventilation systems can take up a lot of space. For example, the construction of an office building requires a lot of space for the electrical wiring that will power the computers and network cables. Open web wood joists have the advantage of being easily adaptable to different constraints and situations that can arise during the construction of a large building, unlike steel joists, which are much more restrictive.

These frames are also great for keeping installation costs down. Thanks to their easy assembly, the need for labour to install them is reduced, which lightens your total bill!

Choose UsiHome for unique wood framing elements to your commercial image

In conclusion, it is absolutely possible to build a commercial building with a wood frame in Quebec. In fact, the factory manufacturing of the various structural elements greatly simplifies the construction process and is an ideal solution for preventing delays on the construction site that can be caused by bad weather in our beautiful province!

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