Why are factory-made roof trusses a smart choice for your construction project?

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Roof structures have greatly evolved over the past few decades. Traditionally, many contractors relied on conventional rafters and ceiling joists, but roof trusses have gradually made their mark and are now used in nearly 80% of construction projects.

Today, many companies even mass-produce roof trusses in-house. This approach provides many benefits that make factory-made roof trusses a smart choice for a construction project.

Roof truss minimize deformation risks

The vast majority of roof trusses manufactured today are made of wood, an organic material that is sensitive to temperature and humidity variations. When wood is exposed to the elements, it can deform and cause problems during installation.

Roof trusses or other structural wood components manufactured indoors are obviously protected from any external threat, ensuring that are delivered to your site unimpaired. This means you don’t have to work harder to install a roof truss that has warped after being exposed to rain, UV rays or cold.

Factory-made roof trusses are produced with higher precision

Most structural wood product manufacturing plants are equipped with automated equipment that reduces the risk of human error and standardizes products. For example, they provide a higher level of accuracy when cutting pieces of wood, which can be very complex due to the many angles that roof trusses have.

Of course, workers are still needed to make roof trusses, but they work under the best conditions and always have the right tool on hand. This ensures that the results obtained always comply with standards and won’t be influenced by external factors.

Automated machines can create complex geometric trusses

As the construction industry evolves, builders and contractors have to work with increasingly complex blueprints. However, adding various features such as unique angles, gables, cathedral ceilings, etc., can be made easier by using factory-made roof trusses.

With the help of digital design software, they can even be customized to meet your project’s specifications and seamlessly integrated into it. When it comes to roof truss shapes, the only limits are your imagination.

UsiHome: for cutting-edge factory-made roof trusses

Based on this information, you now have a better understanding of why factory-made roof trusses produced in a controlled environment equipped with cutting-edge technologies are a smart choice for your construction project.

Moreover, our Quebec-based company UsiHome is proud to offer various models of prefabricated wooden roof trusses, in addition to a host of other structural wood products. If you have any questions about our products, contact our team right now!

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