What are the different types of wooden roof trusses available?

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Thanks to advantages like precision assembly and ease of installation, machined wood roof trusses have become extremely popular with construction contractors. Regardless of the size of your project, there is always a type of roof truss that will make it easier to complete.

Here are some different types of wooden roof trusses to give you a better idea of all the options available.

Standard roof truss

Standard roof trusses are designed for high reliability and versatility. They offer a range of up to about 72 ft and their simple triangular design makes them easy to integrate into a wide range of construction projects.

Barn roof truss

As the name suggests, this type of roof truss is used to create buildings with a barn-like structure.

Attic roof truss

This is a roof truss used to create a living space in the attic space. The bottom flange is used as the floor joist and the support braces form the walls of the room.

Scissors roof truss

Scissors roof trusses are often used to achieve a cathedral ceiling effect. They do not require supporting beams or walls, but do not leave much space for insulation, which somewhat reduces their energy efficiency.

Flat roof truss

The flat roof truss can be used in roofs and sometimes even in floors. They can be manufactured with a low slope to compensate for deflection and to ensure good drainage when used as a flat roof system.

Cathedral roof truss

The cathedral roof truss is ideal for adding height. However, unlike the scissors roof truss, which also provides a gain in height at the ceiling level, it has a horizontal beam.

Two-height roof truss

When roof trusses are too high to be manufactured and/or delivered, they can be manufactured in two parts. These will be assembled on the construction site and will provide a comparable performance to standard roof trusses.

Single pitch roof truss

A single pitch roof truss forms a right-angled triangle. In fact, it is half a standard truss.  It is often used for hangars, garages or extension of an existing roof.

Custom-made roof trusses

With this information on hand you probably have a better idea of the type of roof trusses you should use in your construction project.

That said, you should know that Usihome not only manufactures these types of roof trusses in our factory, but also offers a custom wood framing products production service. This gives you access to architectural elements with customized dimensions. So start your project today by contacting the UsiHome team.

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